Friday, March 17, 2006


The Old Praejudicium

There is a noticeable curvature of her spine. Curvature is a nice word but it's really not quite there yet. Over a period of time it occurs to you that nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Anyway, Ms Curvature-of-the-spine - let's call her Julie - is getting down to it with Ted Siversteen in the back of his battered old Princess, her tongue slithering along the upper set of his old dentures and hands everywhere. He'd spent quite a bit of time imagining making love to her. What would it be like? Would he find other curvatures beneath her dress, hidden bends and bevels in her pants? She unzips the front of his trousers and takes it out, her tongue in his ear now; he can feel all the old wax begining to break down with the moisture. He carresses her... curvature(?) and soon there is a noticeable hardening and enlargement of his... member(?)

This may be the kind of stream of consciousness perversion that would worry some men but it doesn't bother old Ted one bit - he hasn't been able to get it up in years. Good old Julie. What does it matter if her... curvature(?) turns him on? Compared to the amputee nuts he has no problem.

There is one case he's read about: a woman it was, reckoned she was "an amputee in a whole person's body". She was desperate to lose something; didn't care what - an arm, a leg, a hand, a foot.... She contacted a sympathetic surgeon who tried to convince her that perhaps it would be sensible to adopt a gradual approach - a finger first, maybe, or a toe, then a hand or a foot... but she wasn't having any: tried to slice her whole bloody leg off with a chain saw and died of shock. Or perhaps it was elation.

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