Friday, March 17, 2006


Dictator with a Lisp

"Do you know that stumbling thing? Like you're falling over your own shadow in the dark or tripping on a small piece of conversation somebody left on the carpet in a corner of the room? That's what being a writer is all about; the pen only helps you with the physical stuff, and the pain control is a waste of time if no-one recognises that the pain is there.

"You can mend a bird's broken wing but it sure as hell isn't going to fly the same again. A bird can't fly with a limp and retain its grace and the spirit of the people won't be raised by a dictator speechifying with a lisp, even if he did come by it honourably, sir.

"No, the atmosphere just won't sustain such things, isn't dense enough.

"They feed you that garbage all around the world, everywhere you go and it doesn't get any sweeter no matter where you hear it."

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