Monday, March 20, 2006



Waiting too long for somebody in a crap bar is an absolute pain in the arse.

"I don't believe in absolutes," she said. She had the makings of a movie hitman's mustache. I decided to call her Mustache Petronella, but not to her face.

"Don't killers believe in absolutes?" I asked.

"You think death is an absolute?" She flicked her cigarette so the ash just missed the ashtray. I couldn't help thinking this was a deliberate act.

"If the act of causing it is a deliberate move, with intent, extreme prejudice, then I think it is, absolutely."

Nico with the lithe body and the smooth skin, high-cheekboned oriental look - he's a static boy from the other side of Snake River - loves his knives and his brothers, and both are necessities. He talks a kind of "lingwo", spits out words and phrases like bursts from a MAC10.

"What about the kid?"

"Yeah, always knew him. We grew up knowing each other. Went to school together. All that thing."

"Then why did he die?"

"Because his name come up! It's easy to get blowed. Word is he got mixed up in this Muslim thing, did something that doubled back on his people. Maybe it was meant, maybe it wasn't, maybe didn't even know what he done. I don't know. Anyway it doesn't matter, it's happened... he's gone and that's it and there's nothing anybody can do about it. They killed him, shot him in his mouth and throat. Tomorrow it could be me or you."

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